There are some third parties that’ll replace

The Hefty TCO of a New Apple Gadget

For example, customers who bought the first iPhone and upgraded to the iPhone 3G lost out in several ways. In addition to the cost of the iPhones, their cases usually didn’t fit the more rounded iPhone 3G. Soft silicon skins sort of fit, while most hard cases would not it was hit and miss and some old cases caused screwy behavior with the slight changes to the proximity and ambient light sensors on the new iPhone 3G.

Even hapless handbag fetishists on The Purse Forum ran into problems after they bought the iPhone 3G their previous $250 Louis Vuitton monogrammed canvas pouch cases were too tight for the slightly thicker (yet more rounded) iPhone 3G models. So yeah, even those who have an extra $250 for a case get hit with unplanned Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags costs when it comes to new device ownership.

The original iPhone had a skinny , recessed headphone port, which meant that many headphones with standard sized plugs were too thick to fit the iPhone, rendering them impossible to plug in. Some users including me took razor blades to trim the plastic from their favorite headphones or speaker systems to make them fit. Then some third parties started making mini plug extension adapters, and while the cost wasn’t particularly painful, US$11 high quality designer replica handbags is still $11 replica designer handbags more than anyone wants to pay in this situation.

Fortunately, Apple rectified the problem with iPhone 3G so that most every standard headphone jack could be used no more recessed ports.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all headphones will provide all functionality even Apple manufactured headphones. Remember the sweet new Apple In Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic that Apple CEO Steve Jobs proudly introduced in October of 2008? The $79 ones that are “engineered for superior acoustic accuracy, balance, and clarity”? While the headphones have received largely positive reviews, especially compared to the lackluster standard earphones that ship with iPods, they’ve got spotty compatibility with iPods and iPhones great for the latest generations of iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod classic, but limited compatibility with iPhone and iPhone 3G. Basically, the mic isn’t recognized by many older iPods, including the fairly recent first generation iPod touch. With the newer iPhone 3G, the super handy remote volume controls are ignored.

Apple even has a support document that details which current earphones support the current iPods and iPhones. “Functionality of wired headsets can vary between iPod and iPhone models. All headsets work for audio playback, but some headsets have features such as a mic or switches to control iPod functions which work only on later iPod and iPhone models,” the document reads. Basically, if you invest in a good set of multi functional headphones, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work completely with new devices even from the same manufacturer.

For older generations of devices, this is not surprising heck, Apple has delivered more than three dozen versions of iPods over the years but wow, the In Ear Headphones are only marginally compatible with Apple’s flagship device, the iPhone 3G. Few consumers can be expected to sort all this out and more than a few were likely disappointed in their investments.

If you’re a consumer who likes the idea of the iPhone being your all in one cell phone and iPod, what happens when you bring it home and plug it into your nice set of bookshelf PC speakers in your kitchen or bedroom? If they’re not shielded from TDMA cell phone interference, you’re going to get crackling static that can ruin even the hardest rock songs. The solution? Turn your iPhone to airplane mode a royal pain in the butt that stops you from receiving calls or shell out for a new set of speakers that are iPhone compatible.

To be fair, this is most definitely not Apple’s fault most every MP3 playing cell phone has the same problem. But for a lot of consumers, it’s still a hidden new expense and/or irritation.

Apple’s iPod and iPhone docks have similarly been a moving target. The biggest frustration and extra expense here replica louis vuitton bags from china comes from the transition from the iPod Universal Dock with an S video port to the Apple Universal Dock without an S video port. While the docks will hold a variety of iPods and iPhones for example, the latest iPods and iPhones ship with plastic inserts that fit the base of the Apple Universal Dock the video out made a huge leap in expense.

S video cables are cheap, and users that had the third and fourth generation iPod nanos, iPod photo, and fifth generation iPods could simply use an S video cable to connect their iPods via the dock to their TVs and enjoy video on a bigger screen.

Then Apple ditched the S video option in favor of component and composite AV cables that work with the both the iPod Universal Dock and Apple Universal Dock. The compatibility is cool the price is not. The Apple AV Cables will set you back $50, and there high quality replica handbags china are no cheap generic brands available. Trying to figure out how to get your iPod or iPhone to your TV? Try Apple’s HT1454 support document.

Of course, some of the older docks, even the first generation iPhone dock, won’t charge the iPhone 3G. And remember Apple’s (discontinued) iPod hi fi boom box with the built in dock? Won’t charge the iPhone 3G either, and this is a problem that’s been extended to many third party docks and charging cables. The solution? Shell out more cash for new docks and cables.

While problematic and shifting docks have been a problem cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk , Apple has seemed to settle on its current Apple Universal Dock so it might work great for new devices in years to come. In addition, Apple has also seemed to standardize on the ubiquitous USB cable to power and sync its devices (as opposed to FireWire or any other proprietary cables and chargers).

In fact, the USB cables that shipped with two generations of the iPhone, a second generation iPod touch, and an iPod nano all work fine when mixed and matched and with any of the USB plug ins that came with them. This type of consolidated product cheap louis vuitton bags from china manufacturing obviously benefits Apple, but it’s darn handy for consumers, too.

If you use your iPod long enough to wear out its built in battery, nice work! When it dies, though, you’ve got a couple of choices: order a replacement battery and kit that’ll help your crack the case and install the new battery yourself ($20 to $40, typically, plus a void on the warranty if it still exists), or let Apple do the repair ($49 to $79). There are some third parties that’ll replace batteries, too, for prices somewhere in between the do it yourself and Apple options.

Most iPod and iPhone users set up and sync their iPods and iPhones to PCs and Macs. In years past, Mac/PC syncing was the only way to get content on the device; now, iPod touch and iPhone owners can buy songs and apps directly over the air from the Apple Store no Mac/PC required. That means users who are out and about can use their devices for weeks or indefinitely without ever syncing replica louis vuitton bags with a Mac/PC. While fairly unlikely, it means that some guy on vacation who buys a couple of new albums online could lose those songs if his iPod or iPhone crashed and needed to be restored or was dropped in a mud puddle or stolen.

If the songs aren’t backed up on a Mac/PC or external hard drive, they can easily be lost forever.

A fairly common occurrence is a Mac/PC hard drive failure, where a consumer loses all his or her iTunes songs or the computer is stolen but the songs remain on an iPod. The question is how to get them off the iPod and onto a new hard drive. It’s possible, but hardly intuitive. If a person replaces the hard drive replica louis vuitton in the Mac/PC and tries to sync the iPod to the new iTunes instance, most will likely lose their songs. It’s a huge bummer that can cost a consumer hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

But if Apple keeps your purchase history in your account information, why can’t you just re download all your songs? Seems possible, right? But Apple doesn’t offer that option, likely because the bandwidth, hassle and responsibility would be cost prohibitive.

Still, Apple does provide a solution if users are using iTunes 7 or later the Transfer Purchases feature. When you connect your iPod, you’ll get a warning screen that will let you “Erase and Sync” or “Transfer Purchases.” Of course, you’ll want to click the Transfer Purchases button.

The same goes for TV shows and movies.

Now, if you experience a download error or some sort of corrupted file I once downloaded an episode of “The Unit” that was missing the last few seconds of the final scene Apple has been known to provide an account credit that would allow one to rebuy and redownload the song or video. Some people have had their Macs stolen or had problems with their Macs that required reinstalling Mac OS X and have reported that their pleas to Apple support had resulted in Apple letting them redownload their purchased music and videos. Others, however, have been given the cold shoulder. It’s a worth a try, but it can hardly be counted on.

It all seems Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags a bit draconian, but if you lost a CD, do any of the record companies simply give you a new one, even if you whipped out a receipt?

Interestingly, any app that you purchase cheap replica handbags via the iTunes App Store that’s tied to your Apple account is protected for redownloads. Lost your laptop? Not a problem, redownload the apps. I spend a week in the UK and end up buying too small of an international data plan. My bill for that billing cycle ends up being several hundred dollars more than I had expected,” Raven Zachary Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags , founder of iPhoneDevCamp and a contributing analyst for The 451 Group, told MacNewsWorld.

“Advice: don’t buy international data unless you absolutely can’t live without it. You’ll probably end up using more than you buy. We’re used to unlimited data here, so we’re bad at restraint. Look for WiFi hotspots instead,” he high quality designer replica handbags wholesale recommends.

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